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Minisa Crumbo
Medicine Wheel
Spirit Talk
The Medicine Wheel clearly diagrams the directions in a way that beckons, attracts and supports endeavors along specifically identified directional pathways.
These pathways, however clearly delineated, have the power to re-identify and assign certain facts and tendencies by drawing upon a broader interpretative pool than current desire and information would indicate maintaining the creative and diverse fields of certainty and uncertainty. Plastic movement and time are generated out of such energy fields and systems arise to document, measure, compare and comprehend information, patterns and cycles of the natural world. Pictures scratched, carved and painted onto stone depict and interpret seasonal star movements and weather shifts; farming, migratory and gestational schedules are observed and collected; prophesy and prediction skills promulgate while inspired propitiatory, honoring and communication rituals and ceremonies arrive to follow vision and take shape while holding contrary positions and speaking perceived truths.*

Bozho nikan, hello, my bone:

Kiche migwech, I thank you, for the opportunity to 'raise a voice' on behalf of love. I ask you to 'overlook' any errors or omissions and partake of that which you would with compassion and gentleness.

Minisa Crumbo
The Medicine Wheel...

The premier systems in place on the Mother Earth, be they through prayer, ceremony, initiation, tradition, practice, personal conduct, codified system or religion are essentially designed to forge, enhance and celebrate a high quality of life through a full and healthy connection to Prime Creator, Spirit, the Godhead, Saviors and Intercessors, messengers, gifts, and Divine Assistants, and the myriad other names by which we call Life Source...with our Sacred Selves. The Medicine Wheel Tradition as set forward within SPIRIT TALK is to be considered one of the premier systems in place and as such we will examine some of the many ways by which it can be viewed and experienced in the context of real life.

Medicine Circle Spirit Horse Ranch
Medicine Circle at Spirit Horse Ranch
When a personal connection to the Creator Spirit is 'perceived' as separated: fear, sorrow, judgement and anger can be among the predictable reactions and responses, fear often being predominant and the original driving force behind most other negative emotions. This 'perceived' separation with Spirit is a core anxiety and is most likely identified and experienced very early in life as a function of duality, gender differentiation and birth. All of the emotions as well as talents, gifts, attainments and aspirations are valuable and essential healing, illuminative and evolutionary tools.

The emotions are uniquely positioned to provide information and pathways from present balances/imbalances back to past, even core origins, of both forgotten beauties and gifts as well as blocking and distorting imbalances.
This is a journey of the stout and brave of heart, but fear not, the broken has as much right and might to make the trip as the beauty, the right to ask the questions, and bear the answers, if coming from love and the heart. Draw the sheltering shawls, robes and coats close and trust that nothing more will be asked than can be bourne and then, those well worn shawls and robes will ultimately be transformed into brilliant Dance of Life plumage and regalia and we shall be returned to the Circle.
This then, becomes one of the tasks of life, the sacred offering back to the Creator that gives us the right to live. Would we remember that when respectful offering gifts are not put forward that Life will require something to restore balance and harmony? Remembering, forgiveness, love, tobacco offerings, generosity, helping and mentoring, personal ceremony and being grateful for all things are good gifts. There are many ways and giving practices which will be discussed within the pages of SPIRIT TALK, for ultimately, all life is ceremony.

Many and ancient are our collective and personal histories. Through the practice of a dedicated year, these histories will have a chance to fully emerge, providing the impetus to remember, honor and design our personal and original restorative and healing religions and systems, while concurrently initiating a Medicine Wheel practice designed to close personally 'perceived' lapses of connection and most importantly beginning to close any lapse, blockage or 'perceptions' of separation between our own Holy Spirit and with that of the Prime Creator Spirit.
Medicine Circle Spirit Horse Ranch
Dawn at Summer Solstice
Medicine Circle Winter Solstace
Medicine Circle - Dawn at Winter Solstice
The premier systems are many. The Medicine Wheel System is but one of them and with studied intention, trust, time and application can be trusted implicitly. Partnering with the Medicine Wheel of our Mother Earth and our Father Sky Sun (the Natural World) it is an initial study and practice that allows this first gift to us from the Creator to naturally unfold its wisdom and knowledge to ourselves through the passage of time, space and the seasons, itself creating a continuance of time and space.

Something unique and special happens with every breath making it a sacred charge to pledge the highest intention to following the movements of the Natural World. Through time and attention this wisdom and knowledge then, more and more, becomes an understood and integrated part of our highest and most sacred Being.

Ultimately, we become a Medicine Wheel and the 'perceived' gap of separation with the Creator is closed bringing each of our aspects of beautiful duality into a balanced and harmonious congress of Unity and Oneness with all Life. AHO!

This is an intensely personal journey and is to be considered, permitted and embarked upon at ones own pace. There is a non-competitive place for everything and everyone on the Medicine Wheel. Sacred Seekers that we be, if these words represent interest or opportunity to you, consider them well. The Medicine Wheel is of universal vision and shaped by varied tradition and practice, although presented here in the Spirit of my Bodewadmin (Potawatomi Indian) blood and teachings..I offer it here, to you within the Spirit Given words of SPIRIT TALK.

Equinox - Opening Keyhole

I am always as a child in these ways and there is much I do not know and much of which I cannot speak...the path is as old, deep and preciously guarded as life itself, as we know it now, upon our Mother and Father, with the Creator, and before.....and beyond....

What is offered here is an open door and an invitation to proceed upon this beautiful path of balance and harmony in your own WAY. Be Breathed.

Bama Pi,

* I would like to acknowledge Eric Francis of Planet Waves for contributing inspired concept and wording to this piece. Thank you, Eric!


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